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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hair done , nails done , everything did ??


a big pet peeve of mine happens to be bitches who think they badd , but they really lookin like anything. buuut , that would be a whole big story book to write so ima just give this sub topic. WEAVE. yess , weave , fake hair , extensions. w/e you wana call it . whatever you wana call the shit you put in your head that isnt yours !

doin' hair is not always a natural talent for people. if you canNOT do your own hair , hair appointments work wonders. i for one have seen some "ratchett" ass hair in my short life time . smh ! .. ladies , you're doin the mostt to get all cutee , fly and flashyy . you tryna step out and turn heads huh ? well two words that could make all the difference .. WEAVE CHECK. it will honestly save you a lot of embarrasment ! if you can see the tracks in your hair , no good. if you have the tracks sewn all the way up to the front of your hair line , KILL ! if it's completely noticable that you just threw that shit in your head & its not lookin like it could be yours ? it's time to retire your hair "skills" .

you're makin all the rest of us ladies look bad . this is not for anyone to take offense of. its just some advice .. i'm tryna lead the blind here haha . your weave always gotta be lookin good or it just throws off everything .

excuse the informality of this post , but it had to be written in such a way.

Do not set yourself up for failure;



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