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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slim; A POEM

RIP Slim

things dont last long
and lifes to short
to abort, another life
not by the knife
but by christ

it happens too fast
no time to laugh
one who was once there
isnt there
its not fair

let the tears roll down
breathe; try not to hit the ground
for your weak and cant speak
and sympathy takes its peak

though in a better place
you cant help but pace
why couldnt things be different
why Him; why Slim.

he brought a smile to my face
and laughter in every way
in any place
he could make someones day

time was cut too short
i wish there was a rewind of some sort
change the ending
put his homecoming on pending

but i guess i understand
when its my turn
i hope you can take my hand


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