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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tonight's Love

your brown eyes wide and glowing
if only you knew what i'm about to show you

my name being called from your lips
my hands clenching tight on your hips

your fingertips moving down my spine
i've been longing for you to be mine

your soft whispers in my ear
telling me to let go of all my fears

tonight we're gona take it to the next level
tonight is when i show you im a rebel

i'm pullin your body closer
im tryna take you higher than the normal;
warm soft kisses on the back of your neck
i promise you its gona be hard to catch your breath

tonight there's no such thing as fuckin'
tonight ima show you why i'm your lover.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Old Bio From My Savin HipHop Myspace page

I'm using this page to express myself and show my love for music; and mainly hip-hop. When i get where I wanna be my main goal is to give back to the world of hip-hop. It opens so many doors for people; and it isnt only something that sounds good to your ears, but it also teaches so much. People everyday discrimiminate the world of hip-hop and don't appreciate how much it gives. Hip-Hop saves so many people and so many people do not realize it. People dont see that they're killin' hip-hop; and thats somethin that I dont want to see happen. People are quick to say that hip-hop is degrading, or you cant understand it, or its trash. When other generes of music are talking of the same things, just in a different way. But when its hip-hop, it's suddenly so bad?..Since when can't people express themselves? Since when can't people have the freedom of speech? Since when can't they speak what's on their mind?...They're just livin their life through a Beat and since when is it a crime? If you love music, you respect it all and like Jay-Z says, "Do you Listen To music or just Skim through it."....One of my main goals is to start an organization to Save Hip-Hop and it's followers; something that can teach young children, give them something to look forward to, inspire them, express themselves, and free themselves from their struggles. This is what I wanna do to give back to Hip-Hop because it's done so much for me. I don't exactly know how i'll do it or where i'll begin, but ..I WILL.. do it

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lost Girl

Smiles on the outside , cries on the inside .
laughs in public . screams in private.

faking is what she's good at . keeping it real with everyone , but herself.
beautiful brown eyes, but look close , they seem so sad .

Second guessing what she does , always wondering 'is this good enough'.

love is so strong , why doesn't she get the same in return ?

A thousand thoughts run through her head ; thoughts that no one could begin to understand.

Trust is one of her biggest obstacles. two leaps forward , thrown 5 miles back .

Look around her & she seems surrounded . Look inside and she's all alone .
Trying to find her wayy , but she got lost down a dark road.

She believes she has wondered too far to go back.
If only she knew , she holds the light to get back on track .

Saturday, July 23, 2011

something short

Being young and not knowing whether or not to hold on to what I have , or to go out and experience more to figure out what I really want. Most people would easily say "don't stress , you're young ." Only thing is , it isn't that easy . When someone is a part of you , you can't just let things go . Especially if you don't want to let go . Sometimes my mind spins because I'm so confused in what I should do . They say if it's meant to be it will happen on its own. If you love it , you should let it out its cage . but what if doesn't come back ? Only because they look at it as you didnt realize what you had ? You never win when it comes to situations like this .

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hair done , nails done , everything did ??


a big pet peeve of mine happens to be bitches who think they badd , but they really lookin like anything. buuut , that would be a whole big story book to write so ima just give this sub topic. WEAVE. yess , weave , fake hair , extensions. w/e you wana call it . whatever you wana call the shit you put in your head that isnt yours !

doin' hair is not always a natural talent for people. if you canNOT do your own hair , hair appointments work wonders. i for one have seen some "ratchett" ass hair in my short life time . smh ! .. ladies , you're doin the mostt to get all cutee , fly and flashyy . you tryna step out and turn heads huh ? well two words that could make all the difference .. WEAVE CHECK. it will honestly save you a lot of embarrasment ! if you can see the tracks in your hair , no good. if you have the tracks sewn all the way up to the front of your hair line , KILL ! if it's completely noticable that you just threw that shit in your head & its not lookin like it could be yours ? it's time to retire your hair "skills" .

you're makin all the rest of us ladies look bad . this is not for anyone to take offense of. its just some advice .. i'm tryna lead the blind here haha . your weave always gotta be lookin good or it just throws off everything .

excuse the informality of this post , but it had to be written in such a way.

Do not set yourself up for failure;



Sunday, March 6, 2011

Slim; A POEM

RIP Slim

things dont last long
and lifes to short
to abort, another life
not by the knife
but by christ

it happens too fast
no time to laugh
one who was once there
isnt there
its not fair

let the tears roll down
breathe; try not to hit the ground
for your weak and cant speak
and sympathy takes its peak

though in a better place
you cant help but pace
why couldnt things be different
why Him; why Slim.

he brought a smile to my face
and laughter in every way
in any place
he could make someones day

time was cut too short
i wish there was a rewind of some sort
change the ending
put his homecoming on pending

but i guess i understand
when its my turn
i hope you can take my hand