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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lost Girl

Smiles on the outside , cries on the inside .
laughs in public . screams in private.

faking is what she's good at . keeping it real with everyone , but herself.
beautiful brown eyes, but look close , they seem so sad .

Second guessing what she does , always wondering 'is this good enough'.

love is so strong , why doesn't she get the same in return ?

A thousand thoughts run through her head ; thoughts that no one could begin to understand.

Trust is one of her biggest obstacles. two leaps forward , thrown 5 miles back .

Look around her & she seems surrounded . Look inside and she's all alone .
Trying to find her wayy , but she got lost down a dark road.

She believes she has wondered too far to go back.
If only she knew , she holds the light to get back on track .

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